20 Reasons to Love Chesterfield Sofas

Buying a Chesterfield sofa is a wonderful way to add the classy and modest British element of style to your living room. The chair is uniquely and beautifully crafted and will surely rival the other furnishings in your living room for the focal point title. It will likely catch the attention of your guests with its uncommon design.


The elegance and beauty of the chair is not the only reason why you should consider it as part of your interior decor, the chair is also exceptionally comfortable. If you are big on comfy then you can be sure that the UK made will not disappoint you. The seat incorporates soft cushions and soft materials on the backrest and armrests.

The Chesterfield sofa also comes in a variety of materials. Traditionally, it used to be made only of leather but this changed over the years. Nowadays the chairs are made from materials other than leather such as linen fabric, cuodroy, velvet, wool, and even gray concrete for the outdoor chairs. If you are not a fan of leather then you therefore have the option of fabric in regard to this kind of seat. Leather is however an executive choice of furniture, it portrays sophistication and affluence.

The sofa is strong and will last for many years without getting damaged once you purchase it. The chair’s frame is made from hardwood such as those from beech and oak trees. These hardwoods guarantee the chair’s durability. The chairs are also only made from high quality wood in order to ensure that they will not creak after a long period of use as chairs are sometimes known to do. The company which manufactures the chairs also thoroughly inspects them before they are taken to the warehouse to ensure that only high quality chairs are released for sale.

In terms of design and style, the sofa has buttoned backrests and arms and cushioned seats. The chair’s backrests are generally low. The backrests are at the same height as the chair’s arms. The arms on their part are rounded.

The chairs come in various colors. The colors range from vintage choc brown to bottle green, white, light grey, and black among other colors. You can choose a color that matches that of other features in your room such as carpet or wall. The chairs are also available in multiple patterns. There is the option of a plain styled chair if you like monochrome.

In regard to size, the chair is available as a two seater, three seater, four seater, six seater and even a sofa bed. The four seater and six seater are appropriate if you frequently entertain visitors in your home. They will have ample space to sit on. The bed type chair is however good when you have a large family, the children can make themselves comfortable on it, leaving you and your spouse to have time together sitting on another seat. Most children are fascinated with bedlike chairs and purchasing one of that type is a way to add to their fun and enjoyment.

There is an interesting fact concerning the chair’s history. It has something to do with England’s ruling class. It is said that the first Chesterfield sofa ever made was made for the 4th Earl of Chesterfield and thus the name. You will therefore be sitting on a chair which traces its roots to an England Earl when you buy this chair.

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