28 Relaxing Contemporary Bedroom Design Ideas

Life is crazy. Between the family, all the kids’ activities, friends, and work, its hard to find a moment to relax much less a place that makes you feel relaxed. Oftentimes, relaxation comes in the form a few hours hard-earned sleep. The bedroom has become the private sanctuary for many people, a place to escape everyday life fully equipped with comfortable bedding, large plush pillows, and soothing decor.


Conquer the clutter

It can be easy for your bedroom to be overrun with all the trappings of daily life, from the laundry, dirty and clean, to the kids’ things left behind, to honey’s gym bag and, for some reason, that box of odds and ends you just don’t know where to put. To create a tranquil environment, you need to remove the clutter and set aside all the stresses, in your bedroom as well as in your mind. Cleaning out your room and creating a contemporary space, can help to clear out your mind as well.

contemporary bedroom with wood floors and desk

Find the right color

Decorating a bedroom can be difficult as it is one of the most personal rooms in the house. Picking a color that suits the room is just as hard. Whatever makes you happiest is best, of course, but some colors lend themselves to the contemporary color palette, and others are more suited to the bedroom in general because they are more calming. Studies have found that blue bedrooms cause people to sleep better, because the color is calming.

Similar studies show that bright colors often make people happier, but can also keep you up longer hours at night. If your bedroom is shared, you should both be honest about how the colors make you feel, or else stick to neutral colors in the green, grey, and brown ranges to keep everybody happy.

Enhance those walls

Next up, consider your wall decor. Artwork and photographs that ease tension or remind you of happy times are best. Perhaps put up a photo of a favorite travel destination or a shot from your favorite experience together as a couple to encourage friendly feelings before bed. And mirrors are a must if you use the space for dressing.

upholstered frame and tile floor for contemporary bedroom

Let’s accessorize

Now let’s talk bedding. The color of the bedding should play well with the color of the room, try working with complimentary colors, analogous colors, or a triad selection. Don’t panic if your first selection of bedding is quite what you wanted, it can be easily swapped out, even seasonally changed if you wished.

And last, add a few contemporary accessories, such as a vase or tray to catch those stray items on the dresser. Don’t add too many knick-knacks though, those will catch dust and become clutter in the long run.

contemporary bedroom design with wood floor and wall art

And remember, one of the primary tenants behind contemporary design is “less is more”. The idea being to create a space that provides the storage you need, without cramping up the space you have. When you go to redecorate your bedroom, before you head out to buy a new furniture set, consider what you have and what you need and what will fit in your room. Tape off the sizes of pieces on the floor to see what layout works best for your space.


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