35 Cozy Living Room Ideas with Fireplaces

fireplace on large stone wall in living room with floor to ceiling glass windows with view of the mountains

There’s nothing quite like cozying up to a warm fire when the temperature starts to drop, be it alone with a good book, with someone special, or with friends and family gathered round. The glow and heat add just that special something to an evening that nothing else can bring. And cozy living rooms with fireplaces are a wonderful place to gather, perhaps there is something in our minds that recollects the tribal ways of our ancestors and safety of a fire, or perhaps its as simple as feeling comforted by the glowing embers.

traditional style living room with stone fireplace and built in bookcases
It can be difficult to pick the fireplace that suits your home when there are just so many options available. Selecting a fuel type and design is important to incorporating your new fireplace into your home and life, rather than becoming an eye sore that’s hard to ignore or remove. For that reason, its important to speak with a professional, not just about the aesthetic design, but of the options concerning the way in which you would want to use your fireplace and which of the available options best suits your home, lifestyle, and budget.

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