27 Energizing Home Office Decorating Ideas

home office decorating ideas

Working from home can often present a challenge – how do you decorate your home office? You may be using your home office once a month when you are sorting out your bills or every day to hold conferences with people across the globe. No matter how often you use your home office, design and organization will always enhance your productivity. Try some of these home office decorating ideas to keep you focused and energized.


Ensure the room has good natural light

The desk should have a good location that is closer to the windows but parallel to the panes. Natural light gives you a relaxing and happy mood as the rays get into the room and light it up. You can even step away from the computer for a while to enjoy the scene.

Use your favorite color on the walls

Color brings out moods. You should do research on the different types of colors and their effect on your mood. For example the sea foam blue or botanical green provide a calming effect. There are other people who prefer bright colors like orange and lime green.

Keep your technology neat and tidy

When cords are all over the place, it makes the room look messy no matter how neat it is. You can have your equipment in close proximity to outlets as well as easy access whenever you need to unplug. Use a beautiful cord cover for encasing cords on the desk also use a desk grommet to feed the cords and a cap that will help guide cords via a hole in the desk. This will help in covering up all the messy cords.

Place greenery in key locations

Plants have a way of bringing out the joy in people. Nature is naturally stress relieving and soothing. Bring the outside indoors with low maintenance plants or hanging ferns.

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