Quick Guide to Buying a Sectional Sofa

Truth be told, shopping for a new piece of furniture for your home can be and is a daunting process though very fun if done right. This is probably because lots of furniture (at least the significant ones) tend to take up a lot of space and will be around for ages if you get a quality one. As such, the choice you make has to be one you can live with, and the best fit for your home. Have this in mind as you head out to purchase your sectional sofas. Without much ado, here is a guide to help you in the purchase.


Research, research, research

This cannot be stressed enough. Before you make a choice, you should do your homework. Know which styles and designs are available for you to choose from. In your head you might have one style and be devoid of yet another that could be even better for your space.

In your research, you will come across sofas curved into different letters; either L or A (both of which are great but work with different house designs). Also, you will come across sectional sofas with an option for a bed or a recliner not to mention different fabrics.

Have accurate measurements of your space

It happens, you like a particular style so much that you overlook to consider the space you are working with. The measurements are very important since even with the L-shaped sofas, the measurements are different. There are those that have both sides of the sofa being equal and those that have either the left or right extension longer than the other.

That said, it is important to take measurements of the length of the sofa itself as well as any other features including an ottoman and recliner.

Color scheme

This is important especially if you know you will never or will rarely use a cover on your sofa. The fabric color that you choose should blend in with the general décor that you have going on. You can have a base color for your sofa. For instance, if the general color scheme is purple, you could choose a shade of purple for your sectional sofas or if you are brave enough choose a color that accents the existing color. Try red to add some life to a blue living room.

Price range

This is always a tricky affair. Always ensure that you have sufficient cash to purchase the sofa without getting into debt. The price varies widely depending on the fabric used as well as the style of the furniture. For instance, you do not expect a chaise sofa to go for the same price as traditional style sectional sofas.

Visualize the furniture in your house

After getting a piece that you love, do not rush into making the purchase just yet. Try and visualize it in your living room space. If it helps, get a picture of it too. Make sure you are happy with the image in your mind lest you will replace it sooner than you had planned for it and mess up your entire budget. If you are not entirely sure, continue with the search.

Inspiring designs to consider

To give you some inspiration and a point to start, continue reading to see more sectional sofa designs.





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