30+ Small Living Rooms with Big Style

20. If you fancy a sectional, you can find smaller apartment-sized versions to fit your space.

apartment sized sectional in small living room with fireplace

Source: Pinterest


21. This retro space may be small, but it is full of groovy accents and personality.

small retro living room with blue corner couch

Source: Pinterest

22. Even dark colors and woods can work in a small space, just keep things open and flowing with brighter accents.

small living room with brown walls

Source: Pinterest

23. The short legs on the coffee table and plant stand help exaggerate the height of the room and the mirror reflects more light.

small living room with grey sofa and Moroccan accent pieces

Source: Pinterest

24. The whites and blues of coastal style brings charm to this cozy living space

small living room in a coastal style with reclaimed wood accent wall

Source: Pinterest

25. Eclectic more your style? You can still make it work with your small space.

eclectic small living room

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26. Relaxed and simple with minimal clutter, this space is warm and inviting.

small living room with woven rattan tables

Source: Pinterest

27. A bright patterned rug shows off a neutral color scheme to perfection.

small living room in loft area

Source: Pinterest

28. Just because your space is small – don’t be afraid to GO BOLD!

small living room with bright patterned chairs

Source: Elle Decor via Pinterest

29. Sometimes you just need to ignore all the rules and make your space your own.

small living room with glam style in basement

Source: Pinterest

30. The long tall artwork brings height to the room and the bright love seat is the perfect scale for the space.

small living room with tall artwork and turquoise couch

Source: Pinterest

31. Less is often more… and we ended up loving the empty frames above the fireplace.

bright block rug in small living room in front of fireplace

Source: Pinterest

32. Patterns and fabrics make this small space call out to you to relax and unwind.

small living room in shabby chic style

Source: Sarah M. Dorsey Designs via Pinterest

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