36 Creative Studio Apartment Design Ideas

The studio apartment is a living concept gaining popularity as people’s lives become busier, housing costs increase, and space within our cities reduces. Rapidly attaining an international following, studio apartments can now be found around the globe. The term “studio apartment” includes the small living spaces that may otherwise be known as bachelor pads, studio flats or efficiency apartments.


The one design feature which differentiates a studio apartment from other forms of apartments is the fact that these living quarters contain no walls to divide the rooms. All the essential features that you would find in a larger apartment are there; the kitchen area, the living area and the sleeping quarters. However, these features are compactly set out in just one open-plan space. A little privacy is still afforded by the placement of the bathroom facilities behind a door, of course. You may find that an area for storage (closets, cupboards, shelving) is also included within the bathroom area.


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