26 Stylish Bathrooms with Clawfoot tubs


Clawfoot tubs are some of the most attractive features in almost all bathroom designs. They are classic, stylish, and beautiful and they blend in perfectly with vintage or modern styled bathrooms. Long termed a luxury fixture, a self-supporting clawfoot bath tub design basically features porcelain construction and cast irons, but nowadays they are some that are made of acrylic, fiberglass and other lightweight contemporary materials.


These modern and less expensive materials have made Clawfoot tubs more affordable. However, their inexpensiveness has is no way restricted the boundless design choices for these tubs. Clawfoot tubs are available in different styles and color combinations.

Here are some popular clawfoot tubs designs that you can choose from:

Flat rim or classic clawfoot tubs

This type of clawfoot bath tub is usually flexible in that it allows the faucet to be installed on the tub deck, tub wall or on the bathroom walls. It also features an optional shower head and straight and level rim which curls all the way round the tub.

Single slipper clawfoot tub

As it names suggests, a single slipper clawfoot bathtub has a slipper-like shape. Additionally, it has a raised edge on one end of the bathtub which helps to create a deep basin. The opposite end is a bit shorter and normally stands as high as a normal/regular tub.

Double ended clawfoot bath tub

Just like the classic version, this clawfoot tub has a double ended clawfoot, a rounded lip and a level edge. The main difference however, is the location of the shower head and faucet which instead of being at the head of the tub as is the case in classic clawfoot; it is located at the center of the lengthwise edge.

Double slipper tub

Double slipper tubs are usually elevated on both ends and slopes towards the centre. It is basically a combination of a single slipper clawfoot tub and double ended tub. It also has a showerhead and faucet that is fixed on one side of the lengthwise edge in the middle. Its double ends are similar to the raised or elevated end of the single slipper. It is deeper at both ends but shallow in the middle.

If you are one of those people who love a bathroom with sparkling and classy bath tub, then you should consider any of the above clawfoot bath tub designs. A clawfoot bathtub will add style and elegance to both existing and new bathroom. It also gives you the option of choosing the kind of decoration you want to add to your bathroom irrespective of whether your home features a modern outlook, classic or one with an antique theme.

There is always clawfoot tub that will perfectly fit your bathroom. Keep browsing below for more inspiration and find your perfect clawfoot tub…




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