17 Amazing Vertical Garden Designs

Vertical gardens are a fun, creative way to add beauty and visual appeal to your home. Whether you would like to create an eye-popping visual display, cover up a less attractive wall in your yard, or simply make efficient use of space for growing more plants, a garden is a perfect solution.


garden wall

Indoor vertical gardens can be used to grow herbs and vegetables for your use in the kitchen, or beautiful annuals and perennials to create a visually appealing decoration. Consider the location and amount of sunlight your garden will get, and choose your plants accordingly. Don’t forget to allow for a way to irrigate your plants, whether by a built-in system or by hand. Slow release fertilizer is a great addition to keep your plants healthy all season.

There are so many creative ways to design your garden.

Basically, all you need is a frame or foundation structure, some containers to hold your plants, and a way to anchor or suspend your structure against the wall.

They can be permanently attached to the wall, or made portable to more easily move the structure when necessary.

Shipping pallets are a great resource for a DIY vertical garden. Cheap and easy to acquire, they are sturdy and provide lots of options for adding plants.

vertical garden herbs

Look for pallets that are clean and not made from pressure-treated wood. Add some landscape fabric, plastic sheeting, and thin plywood to the back, and you are ready to add your soil and plants.

Rain gutters are another great up-cycled item to use for your vertical garden containers. These can be easily attached to a fence or wall, or suspended from eaves if you prefer. They come in a variety of colors, and may be painted for a brighter look. Since rain gutters are narrow, they are best for smaller plants that don’t need a lot of growing room. Herbs, lettuce, flowers, and small succulents are excellent ideas.

rain gutter vertical garden

Want to get away from the wall? Try a suspended garden. Hanging baskets and upside-down gardening systems are already very popular, but there are many other ideas for containers you could use. Try small flower pots or metal buckets, or even empty plastic soda bottles with cutouts for the plants to grow. A system of suspended shelves can be created with insets cut out for pots or jars to hang in, to lend a bit more structure. If you use containers without holes for drainage, be sure to add pebbles to the bottom before adding your soil to allow the roots some breathing space.

container vertical garden

Lots of items can be modified or built to create free-standing gardens lending a whimsical touch to your yard. A ladder or leaning bookshelf provides a great base for growing plants. Old wooden dresser drawers or wooden shipping crates can be used as planter boxes and suspended or stacked in various arrangements. An up-cycled utility rack lined with plastic and filled with moss provides a nice garden space for small plants and herbs. And PVC piping can be cut into and arranged in various formations to grow vines and strawberries.

With all the options and resources available, the only limit is your creativity. For more inspiration, view more of our vertical gardens below…

garden planted vertical on a wall with red and green plants


brick wall with plants growing vertically in a planter on the corner

long tall wall with plants growing vertically in beds

Source: Zillow Digs

living wall going up entire side of building

diy garden planter mounted vertically on metal shed wall

wall covered with garden growing vertically around brick archway

plants on shelves growing vertically on wall above tables and chairs in cafe

bromeliad and air plants growing vertical in circular log planters on wall

high rise building with garden planter covering entire building with plants

garden planted on wall with plants growing vertically in small patio space

plants growing in pots attached in vertical rows on wall

outside of apartment building planted with garden on all wals

colorful vertical garden containers



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